Payment policy:


1. Employer will pay advance for milestone and project.

2. Employer can add fund to account and can pay advance through this fund.

3. 3% charge will be applicable for adding fund and project. ** For refund watch the refund policy.


1. 15% of total charges of advance will be adjust from the worker account itself.

2. If you are a worker and doing your job on the project basis or the milestone basis, your payment will be paid after buyer confirming his/her project.

3. It will take 48 hours to add balance. Within 5 working days , your payment will be added with your bank account after cutting off the 15% site charge.

Payment Refund Policy: is dependable & secure for all. In this platform you pay only for your work. No hidden charge is applicable. You have to know when you Refund:-

1. Whenever employer confirm a project then employer have to pay 20% of the full project expense. If worker cancel the project within 24 hours then we will refund the employer’s 20% payment. But after 24 hours any refund is not applicable

(A) If a worker cancel her work or she thinks she can't do this then according the rules no.1 , employer get back his money also employer can hire another worker. For this, refund applications is applicable if the duration is more than 24 hours.

(B) If worker confirm her project but is not giving any feedback within 48 hours or any how the employer can't connect with the worker, then the employer can cancel the balance and give the chance to the another seller. Only transaction charge would be deducted.

(C) If the workers delivered project is underrated and conflicting to the employer’s brief, The employer would get back the amount that was charged for work. For this if the work is done by milestone basis then the site charge is cutting according to milestone taka. If the work is done according to the project then obviously 1st & 2nd revision a signal is given to the worker, after completing the work or seller deliver the full work, in that time refund is not applicable. Only transaction fee would be deducted

2. If employer add fund on account, for that full balance is in user account, if employer again get back the amount then no charge would be deducted apart from the gateway charge or bank charge.

3. If mobile banking (bkash, Am cash, Rocket) is used for add balance or payment then mobile banking charge is applicable.