About Us

How we grew into what we are today.

Our Story

The most vibrant and active time of a woman (i.e. 20 years to 40 years) is spent in household responsibilities and raising children. Where as men can achieve a lot and reach their pinnacle of career success by then. Even if both has acquired similar academic qualification, woman has to let go her dream, skill and vision because she has got other responsibilities on her shoulder!

Our Why?

Wait! A woman is beautiful by her balance! She is great because of her contribution and responsibilities to her family! But her greatness should not take her dreams away!

Our How?

Do you know, there are still millions of families in our country where women are major earning member or simply breadwinner? Irrespective of being married or not! They are playing a major role as a daughter, or wife or mother!

Our What?

So instead of organizing a patchwork of taking her to motivational workshop, buy her a pass for empowerment sessions or enroll her in some training sessions, we give her a platform. A platform to pursue whatever she is good at, and earn for herself. From wherever she is standing in the world!

Our When?

So there we go!

We bring “the2hourjob” on life. By focusing her freedom to earn her own livelihood, from her own place without being someone else's agenda, we help her flourish in a dignified manner.

And we believe , creating jobs for woman is crucially important for a balanced social improvement. research shows that women will spend up to 90% of their earnings on the health, nutrition and education of their families. Turning women into breadwinners improves their status in the community, builds self-esteem and enables them to pool resources to improve infrastructure.

Wait what, you want to be a part of the family?

Yes Let Me In!